Top Places In Peru


Top Places In Peru


10 Top Places Every Serious Traveller Should Visit in Peru.

My name is Erick Churata and like you; I also love to explore the beauties of our planet. I work as a tour guide in Machu Picchu; and I have dedicated myself to visit every corner of my beautiful country. In this list, I will show you images and describe in detail; the 10 top places in Peru that took my breath away: and that I consider you should visit in Peru.

1. Kuelap Fortress. 

Machu Picchu ( salkantay trek by llactapata to Machu Picchu ) is without a doubt; the most visited tourist destination in Peru. However Peru has many archaeological treasures; waiting to be recognized for their great beauty, such as: Kuelap (obviously keeping their distance from Machu Picchu).

Kuelap was a large polyfunctional urban settlement; of the Chachapoyas civilization. It is located in the Amazon region, and was built around the 8th century after Christ; on a ridge of calcareous rock on top of a mountain at 3,000 meters above sea level.

The platform, stretches for almost 600 meters; and has a wall as a perimeter, that at some points reaches 19 meters in height.


10 Top Places Every Serious Traveller Should Visit in Peru. Kuelap fortress.

In this link you can see detailed information on how to get to Kuelap and plan your trip.

Very close to Kuelap there is another destination, that is part of top places in Peru; it is Gocta falls which is the third highest in the world. Gocta falls has 771 meters of height;

In this link you can see detailed information on how to get to the Gocta falls and plan your trip.


2. Huacachina Oasis.

The Huacachina oasis, is located 4 hours south of Lima; and only 15 minutes from the city of Ica.

Huacachina is the only natural desert oasis, in the America continent; and also the largest sand dunes in South America.

I am sure, that this oasis, will take your breath away. I recommend visiting in the late evening, so that you can enjoy the sunset; and also the incredible night view of the oasis and the pier that surrounds it. Also do not stop doing, the incredible activities of dune buggy and sandboarding; that are as great as the oasis itself.


 10 Top Places Every Serious Traveller Should Visit in Peru. Huacachina oasis.

In this link you can see detailed information; on how to get to Huacachina oasis and plan your trip.


3. Ballestas Islands

It is a group, of small islands within the Pacific Ocean; the Ballestas Islands are often promoted as thePeruvian Galapagos“. Which is an exaggeration, however it is still a wonderful place: for lovers of wild marine life.

Las Islas Ballestas are located, two hours by car from the city of Ica; and within the Paracas National Reserve. Within the tour that is usually two hours (choose a good operator); you will be able to observe the “Candelabro”. Which is a giant geoglyph on the cliff, facing the sea; you will also observe a gigantic number of sea lions, humboldt penguins, peruvian diving-petrel, peruvian pelican, peruvian booby, neotropic cormorant, red-legged cormorant, guanay cormorant, american oystercatcher, blackish oystercatcher, kelp gull, grey gull, peruvian tern, south American tern; and the Inca tern.

You can also visit the Islas Ballestas in the morning; and the Huacachina oasis in the afternoon.



4. Nazca Lines

The Nazca lines, are a set of 150 immense geoglyphs. Among which the most outstanding are: birds between 259 and 275 meters long; (giant hummingbirds, condors, heron, crane, pelican, gull, parrot and others). A monkey, a spider, a snail, a 27-meter whale, a dog with legs and a long tail; an anthropomorphic figure, two llamas, etc. In the reptile category; a lizard, which was cut, when the South Pan-American Highway was built. An iguana, and a snake; many of the drawings are mixed with lines and spirals.

Almost all the drawings were done on the flat surface; there are only a few, on the slopes of the hills. Almost all the figures on the slopes represent men; some are crowned by three or four vertical lines, that perhaps represent the feathers of a ceremonial headdress.

Although, there has been no unified agreement, on why they were made. Some of the most logical theories are: They are an underground irrigation system; using the forms of figures considered sacred by Nazca people. They are scale models, of the visible night sky; the sun and its movements used for rites of protection and fertility. This magnificent artistic creation is certainly unrivaled in every way; and is an incredible sample of the greatness of the Nazca civilization.



5. Santa Catalina Monastery

The Monastery of Nuns Private, of the Order of Santa Catalina de Siena; is without a doubt the most beautiful place to visit in Arequipa region. Even when you’re not a fan of museums or chapels, this is a must see.

It’s actually a town within a city; so be prepared to stay at least 2 hours here. It’s very interesting and fun and each area has a different color.

If you are a lover of colors, art and architectural beauty; you will greatly appreciate, the slightly high price of admission.



6. Turquoise River of Millpu

The turquoise river of Millpu is a great tourist destination; that hides one of the most beautiful landscapes in Ayacucho region, and Peru.

With a total of 20 natural pools, within a 1 kilometer long river; with turquoise and greenish colors (depending on the time of year).

This treasure of nature, is adorned by vegetation typical of the Peruvian highlands; forming a landscape worthy of a heavenly postcard. The color of its waters, is produced due to sunlight and minerals carried by the river.


10 Top Places Every Serious Traveller Should Visit in Peru. Turquoise river of Millpu.

In this link you can see detailed information; on how to get to the turquoise river of Millpu and plan your trip.


7. Uros Floating Islands

Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world; and is home to more than 70 artificial islands. That are known, as the floating islands of the Uros.

What makes, these islands beautiful and interesting; is the shape and material used for their construction. it is created entirely from reeds of Totora, that grows around the lake.

The reeds are cut, woven, and stacked on top of each other; until an artificial island is formed. Because the bottom begins to rot and disintegrate over time, new layers are continually added to the top.

The Urus tribe, live in a group of houses made from reed; that are built on top of these islands. However I must mention, that the place itself is very beautiful and interesting; but due to the tourist influx, it now seems like a town with a traditional lifestyle armed for tourists.

If you go with the same idea as mine; of enjoying the unique beauty of the place; the very interesting islands and houses made of reed: it is without a doubt, a place that you cannot miss.


10 Top Places Every Serious Traveller Should Visit in Peru. Floating Uros islands.

In this link you can see detailed information on how to get to the Uros Islands and plan your trip.


8. Humantay Lake 

The Humantay Lake, located at the foot of the mountain of the same name; is a beautiful natural attraction of my beloved Cusco. Its waters are made up of millions of bacteria and algae; that gives it a magical turquoise color.

To get to this beautiful lagoon, we boarded a car for three hours to the town of Soraypampa; from where we walked up, to two hours until we reached this fabulous refuge of gods.


10 Top Places Every Serious Traveller Should Visit in Peru. Humantay lake.

In this link you can see detailed information; on how to get to the Humantay lake and tips to avoid the tourist crowd.


9. Machu Picchu

The lost city, the sacred city, the jewel of the Inca empire; or simply Machu Picchu. Is located at 2,430 meters high, in a place of great beauty; in the middle of a tropical rainforest. The historic sanctuary of Machu Picchu was probably the most amazing architectural achievement, of the Inca Empire.

To get this 10 top places in Peru, there are endless options. From the famous hiking trails such as: the Inca Trail Trek, Salkantay Trek, Choquequirao Trek to the less demanding options; such as: train tours and the already famous Machu Picchu by car.


Machu Picchu citadel

In this link you can see detailed information; on how to get to Machu Picchu and plan your trip.


10. The Peruvian Amazon 

The Peruvian Amazon, covers approximately 60% of the country; and is one of the most biologically diverse areas, in the world.

The tourist destinations in the Amazon are so varied; that I will make an article specialized only in mentioning and describing them: from the most famous tourist places to the most remote. For the moment I will mention three places that really fascinated me:

I took excursions of 4 to 8 days in these places; and the quantity of flora and fauna, that you can appreciate is surprising. You can see from the strangest insects, giant and curious trees, to families of giant river otters, black and white alligators, capybaras, hundreds of birds, tapir, macaws, parrots anaconda and even a jaguar. It a place that you should go at least once in your life; and please do not forget to receive the respective vaccines, and bring their 100% DEET mosquito repellent.


macaw clay lick in the peruvian jungle
Chunchu Macaw clay lick

In this link you can see detailed information; on how to get to the Amazon and plan your trip.

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