Unforgettable Trekking In Magical Lands

The Inca trails that go to Machu Picchu and many other archaeological sites within the Inca empire. Is a compound of stretches that up to the present day make a total of 40 thousand kilometers of unforgettable trekking in magical lands. The Incas built a huge network of Inca trails 700 years ago to connect Cusco, its capital, located in […]

The Inca Trail in Six Steps

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Six Steps The most famous pedestrian route in America. Will allow you to enjoy its 45 kilometers of Andean and Amazon forests; Andean grasslands, archaeological remains, flora, fauna, ancient stone steps, majestic views and finally Machu Picchu. In this article we show you The Inca Trail in six steps There are many paths […]

Classic Inca Trail Biodiversity

Peru is a country with a complex, privileged and varied geography. Where the presence of the Andes, the Amazon jungle, the Pacific Ocean and the proximity to the equator drastically influence the climate and; as a consequence, the diversity of flora and fauna within the country is immense. placing it among one of the 15 mega diverse countries in the […]

Toilets On The Inca Trail

Toilets on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu In this article we will tell you how the toilets on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Undoubtedly, the unpleasant detail of the Inca trail with which all tourists agree, is the state of the hygienic services in each camp. Incas Path, aware of this inconvenience, decided to include portable chemical toilets […]