Cambray Peruvian sugarcane beer

Cambray or Guaripo: Peruvian sugarcane beer. It is at the end of the 19th century that this Cambray Peruvian sugarcane beer, begins to be made in Peruvian territory; This is thanks to the enormous production of sugar cane and the millenary tradition of another drink born from the ferment of corn: chicha de jora. Although the large sugar estates were […]

Masato Peruvian Amazonian Beer

  Masato: The Exotic Peruvian Amazonian Beer Masato is a peruvian amazonian beer, made from parboiled and crushed cassava. This alcoholic drink is currently well known under the nickname of “Amazonian beer”; Its elaboration dates back more than 2000 years before the arrival of the Spanish to Peru.   Ancestral preparation of Masato Currently there are very sophisticated ways to […]

Quinoa: high protein beverage

Quinoa Chicha: high protein beverage Quinoa is considered a superfood worldwide; This Andean cereal contains the 9 essential amino acids that our body needs. In Peru, especially in the city of Cusco; a juice is made from this cereal, which is very refreshing, delicious and above all healthy. This high quinoa protein beverage is very famous among andean people basically. […]

Frutillada: refreshing peruvian drink

Frutillada: refreshing flagship peruvian drink Frutillada is a traditional Peruvian refreshing drink, which is made based on chicha de jora and local strawberry. This beverage is sold in the “chicherias”, they are houses that are identified, by carrying a red plastic or red flowers banner; hung at the top of their doors or windows. In recent years, due to the […]

Chicha Morada: peruvian flagship drink

Chicha Morada: peruvian flagship drink   This “peruvian flagship chicha morada drink” has been made in Peru, since before the arrival of the Spanish. According to the chronicler Blas Valera, the chicha morada; It was prepared in the empire of the Incas with medicinal and ceremonial reasons. In Peru, 52 types of corn have been classified so far; being the […]

Chicha: peruvian craft corn beer

Chicha de Jora: peruvian craft corn beer   A traditional peruvian craft corn beer is denominated Chicha de Jora;  this denomination also groups, to a set of Latin American drinks. Fermented and non-fermented, made mainly on the basis of corn. There is much debate about the etymology of the word “chicha”; however for the Royal Spanish Academy. The word derives […]

Capacocha: Inca human sacrifices

Capacocha: Inca human sacrifices The capacocha was one of the most important Inca human sacrifices of the empire; This was carried out between the months of May to July. This religious Inca Human sacrifices were only made in extreme situations; such as natural disasters, the death of an emperor or some disease that could affect the Inca or the people. […]

Apus: mountain spirits

Apus: mountain spirits During your 4-day trek on the Inca Trail or Salkantay Trek or even on your visit by train to Machu Picchu. You will hear very constantly, that the tour guides mention the word: “Apus mountain spirits“. The Apus, for the people of the Peruvian Andes; they are the mountain spirits. The rites and offerings to the Apus […]

Qoyllurrity Lord: Inca Faith festivity

Lord of Qoyllurrity; the most deeply rooted Inca festivity of faith and devotion. The pilgrimage to the Qoyllurrity Lord Inca faith festivity ; It is the maximum expression of faith and syncretic devotion of the Andean and Christian religiosity. The sanctuary of this massive celebration, is located very close to the Ausangate Trek and Rainbow Mountain hike. The word Qoyllurrity […]

Alpaca and Llama Fiber Differences

 fiber differences of the Alpaca, Llama and Vicuña. Peru is home to the largest population of Alpacas in the world; with 3.6 million specimens. on this post we will teach you; Alpaca and Llama Fiber Differences. Alpaca fiber is exported internationally and the textile industry is one of the largest industries in Peru. The most suitable place to buy Alpaca […]