Cambray Peruvian sugarcane beer

Cambray Peruvian sugarcane beer

Cambray or Guaripo: Peruvian sugarcane beer.

It is at the end of the 19th century that this Cambray Peruvian sugarcane beer, begins to be made in Peruvian territory; This is thanks to the enormous production of sugar cane and the millenary tradition of another drink born from the ferment of corn: chicha de jora. Although the large sugar estates were located in almost the entire coastal strip of the country, the production of “guarapo”; It was developed mainly in Andean and jungle-browed areas such as the surroundings of Choquequirao: which is the sacred sister of Machu Picchu. A place that still houses one of the last producing families of this drink.

cambray peruvian sugarcane beer


Preparation of the Cambray Peruvian sugarcane beer

The first thing is to peel and cut the sugar cane into small pieces; and then put them to boil for about 45 minutes. Finally, the boiled juice is stored in oak containers or in clay pots for about 3 days. Depending on the days of fermentation, the drink can have up to 20 degrees of alcohol.

Unfortunately, due to the rise of other foreign alcoholic beverages; the intake of this crafted Peruvian sugarcane beer is less and less in demand. The tour guides as ambassadors of our material and immaterial culture; they seek to revalue the intake of this typical alcoholic Peruvian drink. 

They are working together with the residents of the Choquequirao area; to create a processing and bottling plant. Later they plan to create a brand, and introduce it in the Peruvian market; as the first medium-term goal.

On the marvelous alternative Cusco hiking trails, through the Choquequirao Trek & Machu Picchu Hike; We will have the opportunity to enjoy this typical sugar cane beer. After lunch on the first day of hiking until the third day of hiking; there are local families that offer a jug of this sugar cane drink, for only 5 soles.

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